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Tim Mulley

At Scrutton Bland we have for almost 100 years provided our clients a level of service that engenders long term relationships where we can become a trusted adviser in all aspects of insurance.

We have four distinct services that we offer, business insurances, insurances for private individuals, insurances for organisations of various shapes and sizes that are not for profit and agricultural insurance.

Whether your personal or organisation’s risks are complex or not it is imperative that you have an understanding of these risks, the cover you need and the insurance program that is recommended for you. We take the time to learn about your organisation or your lifestyle to really understand what makes you tick because experience shows us that the more we know, the more accurately we can make our recommendations and arrange the best possible cover.  Please take a look at our video that explains the new Insurance Act in more detail.

We provide extensive advice on all aspects of insurance but also have specialists within the four disciplines.

We are members of the Willis Independent Broker Network which gives us truly awesome buying power and enables us to draw on exclusive, market leading policies.

Please take the time to read through any particular areas which may be of interest and then contact us for an appointment for one of our brokers to visit you and discuss your needs.


Tim Mulley