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The Food & Drink industry is complex, dynamic and competitive, all of which can present significant opportunities and a series complex and emerging risks at the same time.

To fully understand your business, we like to work with you to assess all the risks and only then do we recommend an Insurance solution.  We can also help you review your own supply chain, to help you fully understand the risks involved and to advise how you can properly protect your business against them.

We provide a range of insurance covers tailored to the Food & Drink sector:

  • Suppliers and distributors
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Mixing and blending risks
  • Brand and reputational risks
  • Material damage, business interruption and reputational damage cover caused by hacking
  • Phishing cover

Plus a wide range of other areas.

To discuss your business or to receive a quotation, please speak to our specialist below:

David Taylor
Account Executive
t:  01473 267000
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